Facebook: A Platform for 21st Century Politics


Posted APR 2010

A look at how social media is being used by political leaders across the Middle East and Asia.

Posted APR 2010

A in-depth look at political activism on the Internet, focusing on how social media and Facebook in fast defining 21st Century politics as it becomes the tool of choice for political leaders seeking to influence and inform the public audience.

With approximately 1.5 Billion people adhering to the principles of Islam, one of today's burning questions, of great concern at home and across the West, is what impact will the use of the World Wide Web by Muslim leaders have on one-quarter of the world's population? There are 225 million Muslims already online today and with a compound annual growth rate of 30pct that Internet population is expected to swell to one billion by 2015.

This paper explores a guarantee of open access to the Internet - a policy to embolden emerging leaders in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim World to leverage social media as a tool to harness moderates, hasten reform and propel the region forward.


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