Top 10 Rankings 2010 - Heads of State on Twitter


Posted OCT 2010

Updated ranking report on heads of state around the world using social media to engage their citizens.

Posted OCT 2010

This research note provides updated rankings on the use of social media by heads of state. It is apparent that more and more world leaders are turning to social media to remodel how governments in the 21st Century govern and communicate.

As it stands today 20pct or one out of five heads of state are now on the social media site Twitter. This represents a 50pct increase in the number of countries from when we first began tracking these metrics at the beginning of 2010.

The research reveals a culture of open political discourse is spreading across the globe as more world leaders seek direct communication with their citizenry. In fact, the list of heads of state who tweet has changed dramatically since the beginning of the year with many new entrants including President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia, President Felipe Calder of Mexico, and President Abdullah Gul of Turkey among many other world leaders.

The use of the micro-blogging site such as Twitter is merely one part of a broader "open government" movement where governments seek;to engage their citizens and the global community directly for political positioning, policymaking, or co-creation of solutions to national agenda items.


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