The Advent of Social Intelligence


Posted JAN 2011

Digital Daya Launches First Social Media Command Center in the Middle East.

Posted JAN 2011

However you look at it, proactively or reactively, public authorities and corporate executives are going to require new competencies to gather data and insights on millions of online conversations happening on the Internet - new capabilities to accumulate social intelligence to understand and ultimately influence public opinion.

Digital Daya's social media command center sited in the UAE was specifically designed as a social media listening grid acting as a fully functional real-time system to monitor Internet-based social media locally and around the globe.

The center collects, analyzes and manages reputation information concerning sovereign and corporate brands for their clients in the public and private sectors around the region.

Digital Daya's platform brings into play advanced social media technologies that provide governments and corporates the means to effectively track and manage their reputation online. The social media command center will monitor millions of conversations stirring on social networks, blogs, forums, Twitter, wiki, news and video sites -- this social intelligence can then used to tune policy making, influence opinions and better foretell public sentiment.


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