Top10 Rankings 2012 - Heads of State on Twitter


Posted DEC 2012

Our latest ranking report of heads of state from around the world using social media to engage their citizens.

Posted DEC 2012

This research note provides updated rankings on heads of state and national governments who are using social media to change the face of politics in the 21st Century.

Analyses as of December 2012 reveals that 75 percent, or three out of four heads of state, are at present on the social media site Twitter. The new figures represent an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 93pct in the number of heads of state and national governments on Twitter since we started tracking this data in 2010.

A total of 123 world leaders out of 164 countries have accounts on Twitter set up in their personal name or through an official government office. In our last report in August of 2011 only 69 out of 164 countries were using Twitter.

As digital activism becomes more intensified, it is often seen as a threat to governments, but an outcome has been the steady increase in the number of heads of state that are using Twitter, and recognizing the benefits of the vehicle to allow for direct interaction with constituents


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